Unique properties deserve the best possible representation and in many cases targeted marketing and nationwide exposure. We are very good at creating effective print and online marketing campaigns that give our client’s properties the most effective exposure.

Our marketing plans are property-specific and custom tailored to give the property the widest exposure and put it in front of the most potential buyers.


About Us

Gene Fichte

Gene has a diverse background and considerable real estate marketing expertise. For over 25 years he has owned and operated a successful commercial photography, advertising and marketing firm. He is also a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. Our real estate clients benefit from his marketing background and we do a better job than most creating property listings that look great, create attention and help the property sell for the best price possible.

We have been fortunate to work with a diverse mix of clients. This has given us opportunities to market and sell many property types over the years. This includes commercial properties such as industrial & office-warehouse, self-storage, office buildings, distribution centers, and a lot of rural and commercial land. In fact, we sell more land than anything else. We have sold farms and ranches all over the state, ranging from less than 100 acres to over 500 acres. Further, Gene holds his Certified Luxury Real Estate Agent (CLRA) designation, and is uniquely trained and qualified to help clients looking to buy or sell luxury properties.

Gene is a skilled negotiator and his clients benefit from these skills. Recently we had a client who was needing more land to expand their manufacturing facility. This entailed the purchase of 6 adjoining tracts of land owned by private homeowners and one by Union Pacific Railroad. None of this property was on the market. Over the course of about one year we successfully purchased all the tracts for a fair price and our client achieved their goal (the sellers were also happy with what they received for their properties). This was not easy. We were initially told to get lost by a couple of land owners, had doors slammed in our face...but perserverence paid off and we were eventually able to buy all the properties.

Gene graduated from East Texas State University in 1981 with degrees in business marketing and photography. He lives in Mansfield, Texas with his wife Karen and son, Benjamin, age 15, and Hondo the dog, age 8. When not working he enjoys all things baseball with his son, riding his bike, working out, the occasional Netflix binge, and hanging out with the family.